DOD Plans to Adopt Cloud-Based Communication Systems

According to reports, the US Space Force has plans to develop a novel idea to help change the military scene. The entry serves as a shift in the space exploration scene towards cloud-based architecture. With this new structure in place, military officials and contractors will be able to meet virtually on a cloud-based network to facilitate exchanges. The system aims to integrate a lifetime type of digital information that is accessible for a long time.

The system is commonplace in a variety of industries integrating a unified workflow that is digital-based. There is concern about adopting this type of digital system into the Pentagon procurement structure. Such concerns voice out their apparent shifting of sensitive information across the digital platform that is open.

The system is a digital workflow platform known as digital engineering. According to reports from government agencies like space Force space and missile systems center, the platform is a welcome idea. However, there is a dire need for extensively remastering to suit the agency’s communicative needs. This view comes from Lieutenant General John Thompson, a top-ranking SMC commander.

Thompson also acknowledges that the Field of digital engineering has come a long way, primarily addressing the aviation sector. Digital engineering offers a new scope in the military communication landscape. However, the SMC must find ways of transferring relevant information on cloud-based storage. The SMC also focuses on providing means secure of protecting the information while present on the cloud. 

Adopting this new system offers many advantages, but also brings many problems in its integration. According to Thompson, the SMC has to include the private sector to help place down the framework. Yet there is one thing working for digital systems in the military, top Air Force senior procurement executive Will Roper announced that adopting a digital engineering framework is one of the top priorities for the program.

Thompson later reported a concern if this new venture is a trend that the Department of Defence hopes to jump onto rather than provide a precise way of integration. General Thompson advocates for a clear structure that will enable the DOD to generate a program that creates convenience while also catering to its needs.

According to Thompson, the DOD already has two systems in place that can cater to such needs; however, there is extensive need to look into both systems that will expose the technical administrative and financial implications of shifting on to our digital engineering platform.