Aerosol Packaging Market Sales to Flatten Due to COVID-19 Pandemic; Key Market Players to Redesign Developmental Strategies

According to our analysts, North America is estimated to generate the largest revenue in 2017, while APEJ is expected to overtake North America and emerge as the largest regional market in the global aerosol packaging market from the next half of the decade. In a new report titled “Aerosol Packaging Market: Global Industry Analysis (2012 – 2016) and Opportunity Assessment (2017 – 2027),” our expert team of researchers have observed that the personal care and cosmetics segment dominates the global aerosol packaging market with the largest market share throughout the period of forecast. According to the analysis of our expert team of researchers working in the packaging domain, the personal care and cosmetics segment presents immense opportunities for vendors in emerging economies, where product pricing is lower as compared to that of developed regions.

Our analysts have tracked the global aerosol packaging market across different geographical regions and on the basis of the various market segments and have provided a critical assessment of the opportunities available to all the companies operating in the global aerosol packaging market for the duration of 10 years.

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We have studied the market extensively and have identified multiple drivers, restraints, and trends that are expected to influence the global aerosol packaging market. Through extensive research, the analysts have studied how the different market dynamics are likely to impact the current environment and future scenario of the global aerosol packaging market, thereby providing useful insights to market players to plan their differentiating strategies capable of evolving with the changing market landscape.

Report Structure

While covering the global aerosol packaging market study, we have mainly considered regional production and consumption vs. consumption outlook and net trade scenario to get a clear picture of the overall market. In another section, market definition, taxonomy and the aerosol packaging market overview has been included. We have extensively covered the market dynamics through which we have taken a glance at macro-economic factors, supply and demand side drivers, restraints, opportunities, industry trends and recent developments, case studies and forecast factors.

Further, we have segmented the global aerosol packaging market into material type, product type, application, can type, volume size and region. Basis Point Share analysis and Y-o-Y growth projections by country and key regulations are two significant characteristics of this report. At the end of the report, the competitive landscape has been covered, which consists of the competition dashboard, company market share analysis, company profiles, and a list of global key players along with the detailed company profiles.

Market Taxonomy

Volume Size Material Type Application Type


Product Type Can Type Region
  • Less than 100 ml
  • 100 ml – 250 ml
  • 251 ml – 500 ml
  • More than 500 ml
  • Aluminium
  • Tin-Plated Steel
  • Others (Plastic, Glass)
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
    • Deodorants
    • Hairspray Products
    • Shaving Care Products
    • Others (sun care products)
  • Household Products
  • Automotive/Industrial Products
  • Others (Food, Pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  • Aerosol Cans
  • Others (Aerosol Bottles, Jars)
  • Necked in
  • Shaped Wall
  • Straight Wall
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • APEJ
  • Japan
  • MEA

 Research Methodology

We have adopted a systematic research approach while inspecting the global aerosol packaging market. While conducting primary research, we have identified key opinion leaders, designed comprehensive questionnaires, conducted in-depth interviews and given coverage to the market across the value chain. By leveraging in-depth secondary research, we have arrived at the overall market size, top industry players and products and industry associations.

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The expert team of analysts of Future Market Insights has also formulated a detailed discussion guide in order to conduct expert and industry interviews. Our desk research includes channel study, market changing aspects/dynamics, key industry expert interviews and final data gathering and insights. We have referred to the World Bank, IMF and various companies’ annual and financial reports to further substantiate the data points. We have considered the Average Selling Price (ASP) of aerosol packaging products to determine market values.