Hostile Fossil Fuel States Warming Up to Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is getting more traction. There are reports that the emerging source of energy is being integrated into previously clean energy hostile states.  In this instance, the country’s most fuel conservative States have declared that they are making me move towards integrating renewable energy into the line of operations.

 Wyoming and West Virginia are joining in on the renewable energy and are continually rising among the top States to integrate and enable energy in America. Looking back at the beginning of the sustainable energy move, both states were registered as some of the least likely states to integrate renewable energy systems.  However, both currently appear on the list of top 10 states that have successfully integrated wind and solar generation into the electrical energy sources. 

 According to findings from Environment America, a leading research body dealing with renewable energy statistics, the country is divided into big states and small states, and both demarcations have ratings in the categories. Environment America classifies states into two, red states and blue states.  Red states are states not likely to support the move towards renewable energy reliance. Nevertheless, blue states are states on board with the assimilation of renewable energy into the energy grids 

The report outlines the significant achievements by Kansas, Iowa and North Dakota being capable of generating more than half of the total energy demand from renewable energy.  Closely behind is Oklahoma, which is capable of generating 45% of its total energy consumption from renewable energy.   Interestingly, all the three states that were less likely to integrate renewable energy are currently in the top 10 list.

The States have shown significant improvement in resolving to more sustainable sources. However, there is still speculation that if they continue with integration, they are likely to improve and be featured among the purple coloured states, which is the highest category called energy efficient cities.

Such examples are a positive change towards renewable energy being accepted and integrated in society. Experts link this shift to a change in mind-sets towards accepting renewable sources as a substantial alternative to carbon-based fuels.  According to a 2018 report, this shift happened at the beginning of 2018. A survey revealed that renewable energy was getting the attention of both republicans and democrats.  The report further indicates that the public is pushing for a more energy efficient future.