Investors and experts flood the UK to venture wind energy 

Hywind offshore wind farm is a clear representation of the UK’s desire to transition to clean energy. Together with the one at Equinor, this wind farm was among the first developments in efforts to sequester off fossil-fuel dependence. Stephen Bull of Equinor stated that the turbines facilitate the inception of wind energy to minimize oil usage. The British government anticipates a full transition to clean energy by the end of this decade.

Boris Johnson outlined the government’s plan that will foresee the net-zero achievement for carbon emissions. He hopes that they can develop over 40 GW of offshore wind farms. The success of this will involve the installation of one turbine daily to realize the full transition to renewables by 2030.

Bull revealed that they are initiating more floating offshore projects. If the government supports these projects’ development, they will realize the generation of 2GW of wind energy. Britain explained that it would give £160m to facilitate the development of the turbines that can move through the sea’s shores where the winds are strong. Additionally, installing these turbines will help the coastal region grow as an economic hub, benefiting the communities in these regions.

The energy industry is focusing on who the government will award the contracts of the windfarm projects to facilitate the deployment of clean energy infrastructure. The industry hopes that the government can issue more contracts to support turbines’ daily installation to realize an emission-free environment.

The energy industry is optimistic that these projects will help the economy recuperate from the coronavirus pandemic in a green way. The projects will receive over £20bn and create over 10000 jobs. The new job opportunities will help people to have diverse skills that make them more valuable in the job market. Additionally, the projects will open new supply chains for technicians and engineers to become innovative. This move will inspire investors to invest in the expanding economy. 

Scientists and trainees have been attracted to this technology, hoping they can add to the market’s level of knowledge. The renewable energy industry chose this strategy to fulfill the Paris agreement’s climate resolutions in the next two decades. The UK will be the next region to realize a carbon-neutral economy in a short time. Finally, the windfarms will help solve the blackout problem in the UK and attract investors and graduates to venture this renewable. Additionally, the government will be instrumental in providing the financial support and issuance of contracts.